Restoran Bubur Goreng 潮州炒粥, Klang and Puss in Boots 3D .

Hi peeps. C:

Yesterday went dinner with my family.
My father brought us to eat fried porridge. I was curious that how can the porridge be fried? Hoho, so it's time to find out. :)

Are you ready to see the fried porridge?
Taadaaa !
Fried Porridge 潮州炒粥
It doesn't look taste but it taste nice. 
There's some dry squid inside.
It taste like mamit porridge.

Fried Meatballs 炸肉丸
It's nice if you dip some chilli sauce with it. 
Crunchy at the outer side, soft in the inner side. 

Steam Lala 
I'm not very sure with the name. Sorry.
This lala is super awesome.
Everyone who comes to this restaurant, they surely will order this. 
It contains some chilli padi and ginger.
But it's not spicy at all, even my younger sister can eat it. 
Highly recommend this dish! (Y)

Steam Crab with steam egg 
The crab is very fresh.  
And the steam egg is smooth and soft. 
Highly recommend this dish! (Y)

After eating dinner,
we went to Subang Parade to watch Puss In Boots 3D.

This movie is about the Puss from the Shrek Movies returns to star as the hero in his own movie.
This movie is quite funny. Puss is so adorable.

Rating : 8/10

Here's the trailer :


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