Sunday, November 27, 2011

Restoran Bubur Goreng 潮州炒粥, Klang and Puss in Boots 3D .

Hi peeps. C:

Yesterday went dinner with my family.
My father brought us to eat fried porridge. I was curious that how can the porridge be fried? Hoho, so it's time to find out. :)

Are you ready to see the fried porridge?
Taadaaa !
Fried Porridge 潮州炒粥
It doesn't look taste but it taste nice. 
There's some dry squid inside.
It taste like mamit porridge.

Fried Meatballs 炸肉丸
It's nice if you dip some chilli sauce with it. 
Crunchy at the outer side, soft in the inner side. 

Steam Lala 
I'm not very sure with the name. Sorry.
This lala is super awesome.
Everyone who comes to this restaurant, they surely will order this. 
It contains some chilli padi and ginger.
But it's not spicy at all, even my younger sister can eat it. 
Highly recommend this dish! (Y)

Steam Crab with steam egg 
The crab is very fresh.  
And the steam egg is smooth and soft. 
Highly recommend this dish! (Y)

After eating dinner,
we went to Subang Parade to watch Puss In Boots 3D.

This movie is about the Puss from the Shrek Movies returns to star as the hero in his own movie.
This movie is quite funny. Puss is so adorable.

Rating : 8/10

Here's the trailer :

Monday, November 21, 2011

Trip to Sekinchan & Kuala Selangor :D

Hi peeps hi ! :D

Today I went to a trip to Sekinchan and Kuala Selangor with my friend, Karen, her family and my family.
I woke up at 6am.
Then we need to gather at Old Town Bus Station at 6.45am .
This is my friend, Karen. 
Isn't she's pretty? :D
Wait, not the left side one, it's the right side one. :) 

1st stop : Phoenix Nutraceuticals Factory (鳳凰丸藥厂 )

When we reached there, the workers will give us a packet of vitamin drinks.
Then, we went in a room to listen a talk.
They gave us see a video about those operation.
It's so freaking disgusting and scary ._.
Then, they gave us try their product.
My mommy bought a " Mix Berries Complex ".
It's good for eyes.
Eat 2tablets after eating breakfast or lunch or even dinner.

2nd stop : Sekinchan Paddy Field.

It took about 30minutes to reach Sekinchan.

Time for seeing those paddy harvest : June and December.
They harvest twice a year.

 Karen and I taking photo with the beautiful scenery. 

3rd Stop : The 9th Emperor (九王爷)

The temple is located in the middle of the paddy field. It's a special scenery with a temple in a wide paddy field. We can climb up on any of the two pagoda to view paddy field from far. I'm indulge with the wind breeze on top. It's so refreshing!
The view from the pagoda:

Photos of Karen and I with the scenery :

4th Stop : Jiann Chyi Seafood Restaurant ( 建旗海鲜饭店 ), Sekinchan.

This restaurant had been introduce before in Astro AEC , 阿贤人情味.
This restaurant recommended dish :
Shark Meat Soup.
This soup is actually sour and spicy soup.
When I got the first taste of this, it's okay, just sour. But, when you got the second taste, you will taste it's spicy and sour flavour.
Caution : For those who don't like eating spicy food, better don't try this.

Shark Meat Porridge.
This porridge isn't same like our kind of porridge.
This porridge it's like normal rice added soup in it. 

Pan-Fry Shark Meat.
This is suitable for children.
They love this alot. 

Restaurant name : Jiann Chyi Seafood Restaurant ( 建旗海鲜饭店 ), Sekinchan.
Adress : No 156, Bagan Sekinchan, 
             45400, Kampong Sekinchan, 

The Last Stop : Monkey Mountain, Kuala Selangor.

That mountain is full of MONKEYS.
Children need to beware of it. Do not fool around with those monkeys.
There's no train to go up the hill during WEEKDAYS. 
ONLY WEEKENDS will have train to bring us up.


6th Stop : Eagles of Selangor, Kuala Selangor.

Fees for sitting boat to see the eagles : Adults : RM25 ; Children : RM15
Time : 8am till 6.30pm

Life jackets will be handed out before sitting the boat.
After 20mintues, we reached the spot to see eagles.

The engine was stopped and Mr Boatman took out a pail which held chicken skins and threw some of them into the river, the we watched in awe as the eagles did a bit of drive, dipped their claws into the water, put food into their mouths and ascend.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

D'italiane'kitchen, Sunway Giza :D

Hi peeps . :D

Today, my family and I went to D'italiane'kitchen, Sunway Giza to celebrate my mommy's birthday.

D'italiane'kitchen is chic and classy. The design is modern.
The staff was polite and attentive. They were efficient and fast. My family and I seated immediately and order was made with ease.
My family and I just waited a while, my pasta came. :D
I ordered Alfredo Smoke Salmon Pasta.
It's creamy. Lots of salmon. 
If you don't like too creamy food, better don't order this. :) 

My sister ordered a Smoke Salmon Pasta.
This is not creamy. 
Much healthier? 
Lots of salmon too. 

#myfamilylovessalmon :D ♥

Actually, there's still many food.
But I din't get to take photos of it.
I'm sorry. :\

Let's continue it with desserts. :D
Sweet Delight. ♥
First dessert : Chocolate Banana Cake with Ice-Cream .
This dessert is quite sweet. 
There's a lot of chocolate.

Second dessert : Strawberry Pancake .
Although it's sweet. But it's taste okay  for me and my family. 
Their cream is awesome . (y)

Restaurant name : D'italiane'kitchen.
Place : Sunway Giza Shopping Mall.
Address : Block D, F.10, First Floor.
                No 2, Jalan PJU 5/14,
                PJU 5, Kota Damansara,
                47810 Petaling Jaya, 
                Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
Tel : 0361481828
Fax : 0361481830 
Opening hours : Daily, 10.00am - 10.00pm

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fa la la .

Hi peeps. :D

" Baby I hear melodies, when your heart beats. "
-Fa la la, Justin Bieber

Holiday started about one day ago ?
Quite boring erhh .
And I had a sick. :\
Had to take 3pills.

went to Cikgu Lee's Retirement although i'm still in sick.
We plan to share the present for Cikgu Lee.
Su Qian helped us to buy. She bought 鸡精.
We need to pay her back about RM10 per person.
Then, the ceremony starts.
The headmistress talk so much, no one's hearing what she's talking. AHAHAS.
Su Qian took out her phone and plug in the earphone.
She asked me whether I went to hear songs or not.
Of course I said yes. If not need to hear the headmistress's speech.
After those speech,
it's time to give gifts for Cikgu Lee.
They don't want to go up the stage to give Cikgu Lee.
So, Su Qian and I went up.
Took pictures with Cikgu Lee. :D
Awwhhs, Cikgu Lee, Chen Moh's gonna lost a good teacher. :\
After giving gifts,
Those performances not bad.
After watching those performances, it's my time to go back home.

when night time.
Webcam-ed with my bitch, Cheamie. :D
She's so in love with taking photos.
Next time go your house again, we go photoshoot. :D
While webcaming with her.
We started to hyper.
She asked me to close the light and play with flash. :D
Here's the photo. :P
Sexy and I know it. :P
My bitch, Cheamie. :D
Sexy and you know it. :P 
Sexy chick. 
Trying to seduce me? AHAHAS.
* no offense *

Till here then,
stay tune for the next post. :D

Monday, November 7, 2011

Shopping Spring :D

Saturday went Bangsar Village with my lovely family.
Before going there,
we went Raju, Gasing to eat dinner with my daddy's customer.
My daddy's customer is an indian, so we need to eat indian food ._.
After eating,
we start our shopping journey. :3
Just window shopping. :\
We walked for a while,
mommy is in a good mood,
we bring us to Baskin Robbin to eat ice-cream. :D
Thanks, mommy! :D
Banana Split. 
Ice-cream flavour: Cotton Candy, Cookies and Cream and Mango Sorbet. :D

After eating,
we went back home.

The next day, means yesterday.
I went Mid Valley with my mommy.
We went in every shop. AHAHAS. First time erhh ._.
Then, we went in Speedy.
Saw Girl Generation's newest album : THE BOYS. :D
Mommy bought it for me and my sister. THANKS, MOMMY! :D 
we went to Jusco.
Mommy saw a purple sports skirt for badminton, she loves it.
So, I buy it for my mommy as her birthday present.
It cost me RM109.90. .__.
After buying it,
we continue walk walk walk.
Then, mommy suddenly feel like eating ice-cream,
so we went to Baskin Robbin again,
me and mommy shared a ice-cream.
Cotton Candy flavour. :D
Then then,
we went in Miss T.
Saw a bag,
and I love it so much.
I told mommy I want it,
then mommy bought it for me.
Weeeeeeee. THANKS, MOMMY. :D 
After buying,
we went in Papa beard to eat cream puffs.
Got new flavour erhh,
STRAWBERRY flavour. :D
Quite nice erhhh. Nyom~Nyom~ :3

The next day, means, today. :D
My family and I went TimeSquare.
When we reached there,
we went to eat Papa John.
Their food quite nice erhh. :3
All cheese. 
Cheesy Simple. :3
After eating,
we start shopping. :D
My mommy saw a dress quite nice and vintage and cute.
Actually she wanna buy for me, but my sister suddenly wanna go toilet,
din't get a chance to buy it. :\
That dress cost RM15 ONLY erhh. ._.
After TimeSquare,
time to go home.

After that,
went to 好好火锅 ( Restaurant Ho Ho Steamboat ) for dinner with my family and relatives.
Eat eat eat, talk talk talk.
After eating,
we went for yamcha. AHAHAS.
We went D' Curry Leaf.
Service quite good.
Brother. :P

Sister. :P

Mandy. That's me! :P
After yamcha,
then it's time to go home.

Till here then,

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