Monday, October 31, 2011



"Hi." said Mandy to her blog readers. :3

Long time din't update my blog because my laptop broke down last week.
But now it's back to normal, bought a new laptop : Sony VAIO. Pink in colour. :3
It cost my dad RM2500++. No more birthday present for me next year. :\

Okay, today's Halloween. iknowright.
Din't celebrate. LOL.
Next time when I grew up, I want to go club or disco to celebrate. AHAHAS.

last Tuesday there's a little gathering at my house.
ChoongMing brought two bottles of champagne.
TengYuan brought jellies.
Kristi brought hotdog and nuggets.
Melanie ordered Domino's pizzas as our lunch.
Karen and PatJien brought Shandy.
And my mom cooked pasta and mushroom soup as dinner.
We played water balloons. :D
Click THIS  to see the photos. :3

Last Wednesday went Sunway Pyramid with ChoongMing, Carmen and PatJien.
Actually KianSeng and TengYuan coming.
But TengYuan's mom don't allow him to go.
And the KianSeng had a very bad cold. ._.
So there's just left one boy, Pat Jien, lol.
We went Ampang Square to sing k.
Actually we wanted to watch movie, but the cinema " people mountain people sea " :\,
we waited for 30minutes, but still haven reached the counter there.
So, we gaved up.
Oh ya, I met my classmates and a primary friend there. :3
Lian Yu and Jamie lookk so different ._.

attended a wedding dinner at Nilai, Seremban.

During the wedding dinner, there's a karaoke section.
A teenage girl sang 我爱他.
When she started to sang, my family and relatives shocked.
She sings like a frog ._.
Even I can sing better than her. :P
Anyway, good luck to that girl.

till here then,
i will end my post with a sentence. 
" If you wanna know how rich you are. Think of the things you have that money can't buy. " 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sakai Family :D

Hey there.
Wanna meet my Sakai Family? :D

This is me.
Sakai PUPPY and FOX. :D
Thanks for Melanie, Tze Ning and Kristi for helping me draw. 
P/S : My hands damn cacat. So just ignore it. 
And focus on the drawings. :) 
I've learned...
That my bestfriends and I can do anything, or nothing, and have the best time. :D ♥

This is Karen.
Sakai DUCK and OCTOPUS. :D
Drawn by me. 
I know the duck look cacat. 

This is Melanie.
Sakai RAT and CAT.
You're the cat and we're the rat? ._.

This is Tze Ning a.k.a POPO. 
Sakai PIG and RABBIT.
You're the rabbit and he's the pig.
When the rabbit meets the pig. :P

This is Kristi.
Sakai POOH and LADY BUG. 
A pooh married a lady bug made a sakai family. :D (Y)

The last two family member of THE SAKAI FAMILY haven upload. :\
Fast fast upload, please? :)

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