Fa la la .

Hi peeps. :D

" Baby I hear melodies, when your heart beats. "
-Fa la la, Justin Bieber

Holiday started about one day ago ?
Quite boring erhh .
And I had a sick. :\
Had to take 3pills.

went to Cikgu Lee's Retirement although i'm still in sick.
We plan to share the present for Cikgu Lee.
Su Qian helped us to buy. She bought 鸡精.
We need to pay her back about RM10 per person.
Then, the ceremony starts.
The headmistress talk so much, no one's hearing what she's talking. AHAHAS.
Su Qian took out her phone and plug in the earphone.
She asked me whether I went to hear songs or not.
Of course I said yes. If not need to hear the headmistress's speech.
After those speech,
it's time to give gifts for Cikgu Lee.
They don't want to go up the stage to give Cikgu Lee.
So, Su Qian and I went up.
Took pictures with Cikgu Lee. :D
Awwhhs, Cikgu Lee, Chen Moh's gonna lost a good teacher. :\
After giving gifts,
Those performances not bad.
After watching those performances, it's my time to go back home.

when night time.
Webcam-ed with my bitch, Cheamie. :D
She's so in love with taking photos.
Next time go your house again, we go photoshoot. :D
While webcaming with her.
We started to hyper.
She asked me to close the light and play with flash. :D
Here's the photo. :P
Sexy and I know it. :P
My bitch, Cheamie. :D
Sexy and you know it. :P 
Sexy chick. 
Trying to seduce me? AHAHAS.
* no offense *

Till here then,
stay tune for the next post. :D


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