Wednesday, August 31, 2011

KLCC + Pavilion :D

Monday went to KLCC and Pavilion with Jia Yi's family and her sister's friend : Khoo Yu Wen.

I went to her house then only we walk to Kelana Jaya LRT Station to KLCC because her parents say will traffic jam so we took LRT. This is my first time sitting LRT ._. I'm scare when i'm sitting LRT, feel like going to drop.
When we reached Taman Jaya LRT Station, we meet Khoo Yu Wen.Then we continue our journey. :)
After 15minutes, we finally arrived.

After we arrived, we went to Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) for book fair. We walked the book fair for about 3hours ._. First, we walk the English book fair. We saw alot of Justin Bieber's book. :D BIEBER FEVER. :33
Pictures :
Justin Bieber's Book! :D

The free poster from the book. :D
So rajin erhh PP:

After English, we went to Chinese's. 
Bought 2 novels from Odonata Publishing. :33 Buy novels or comics from them, you'll get a free magnet bookmark. :)

Afterthat, we went to Entertainments and Stationary's.
We're super hyper at there. x) 
K-POPs! :D

Justin Bieber! :3
 I know I look cacat here. 

Listening to music.
Music is our soul. :33

While waiting for Jia Xin and Yu Wen to come out.
We hyper and camwhore a while. x)

The little blue ball :33

We're always the super-hyper-best-friends :D 

After buying books,
we went to eat something.
Jia Yi and I ate sandwiches and drank some tasteless drinks. ._.
Their drinks sucks like hell.
Meanwhile, Yu Wen and Jia Xin ate noodles.
Jia Yi's parents can't eat because they need to eat vegetarian.
CHEAM JIA YI : I love this pose very much. :33 Because of...:PP
MANDY (Me) : I love this pig face very much because of you. :33
What are we trying to do actually? ._.
Cheam Jia Xin. :)

After eating,
we walk to Pavilion. :D
Forever 21. :D
I know you'll say we are les.
But we're not. We have lovers already. :)

Inside the dressing room. ahahas.

I love cupcakes. :D 
we keep shop shop shop.
But din take photos and buy clothes.
Continue our journey,
we went to Tokyo Street.

We bought Pearl Milk Tea from Ochado. :3

While waiting for our bubble tea.
We went in to a camera shop. :3

The Click Shop. :)
Trying the double exposer. x)
Juice Packet Camera. :)

Polaroids. :3

Chocolate camera. :)

Double Exposser. :)

Khoo Yu Wen. :)

our drinks done. :3
Then we went to buy Japanese Crepes from Shimino. :D

Kinds of Japanese Crepes.

Look so greedy. :P
Weeeeeeee. We're super crazy. :)

 After buying,
we went to meet their parents.

Cute family. :)
it's time to go back with LRT .
For more photos CLICK HERE. :)

Stop till here.
ciaos. :)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Friends for LIFE. :D

Our friendship. Our LIFE. :)

She's my little angel :Karen Pong. :D
Since 4-year-old we met each other in Madeline Kindergarden. She's the cute one.
You're the one that knows what I want, what my heart thinking now. 

She's my daughter :Siew Tze Ning :D
Since standard 3 we met each other in SJK(c)Chen Moh. :)
Memories won't fade.
She's there always when I need her.

 She's my hyper girlfriend : Cheam Jia Yi :D
We met each other since this year. Although we just know each other about 6months but we're like know each other from the day we birth. :)
"Knowledge cannot replace friendship. I'd rather be a idiot than lose you."
-Patrick to Spongebob. 

She's my ex-monitor :Kristi Kwan Shi Ming :D
We met each other since standard 1 in SJK(c)Chen Moh. :)
I still remembered they say you heart Li Yaw. ahahas.
Although sometimes we argue, but we'll get back with each other. 
She's my scold-me-always friend :Melanie Lim Ji Lin :D
We met each other since standard 5 in SJK(c)Chen Moh. :)
Heyy. Thanks for scolding me worhh.

She's my granddaughter : Chong Xin Wei :D
We met each other since standard 5 in SJK(c)Chen Moh. :)
You're the mom who had many children. ahahahas.
daughters : Karen, Melanie, Jessie, Su Qian, Kristi,  Vinnie, Song Lynn.
the only son : Yi Kai. 

 She's my angel :Jessie Chew Kar Hooi :D
We met each other since standard 5 in SJK(c)Chen Moh. :)
You're just like my teacher, you taught me many things, you taught me how to choose the right person.
You're always my supporter.
Thanks "Jissie" . Thanks for giving me "Mnady" this cute name. ahahas. :)
I'll always support you too. :D
imissyousomuch . when can we meet each other again? );

Amigos Para Siempre. :D

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