Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Build A More Confident You

Confidence provides the motivation for us to pursue our dream, passions. Although we may lack in some areas, but then our strength will still shine in others. It's a complete normal for us to go through periods in life where we will discouraged, exactly like a plastic bag drifting through the wind. My cheer coach always tell us to be confident in order to be a successful person, confident is the key to the door that you wanna open. Confident won't come naturally, or maybe some people are born with confidence,  but all you gotta do is to built it, work towards it and improve each day. To be very honest, I'm not a confident girl at all, but because of the society, in order to survive, I have to be confident, showing out my true self and be confident! Always remember, it's a process that takes time. 
" Being glamorous is about strength and confidence. It's black and white dramatic. You have to be strong. "  -  Catherine Zeta-Jones 


Not just any goals, but tiny, achievable goals. We often easily discouraged when we fail. So, set a goal that you're likely to achieve, so when we accomplished it, we feel good. For example, eat healthy for a week, skip sugary food for a day (?) A small and realistic goal will drive you to the success. Besides that, you can do it like me, get a small notebook from Daiso or any book will do, write down your daily goals to achieve and tick it off after achieving it, it will make you feel damn good * smirk * 


Choose a task that you've been procrastinating and delaying for long. This can be related to anything, like exercising, reading a book, or even try new recipes that you've wanting to try out so badly. Whenever it's possible, try to finish it before the day ends. 

We're always learning new things about ourselves everyday. In order to know about yourself more, you can start a journal, write about how you feel, whether you will happy or sad, write it all out, and stop keeping it in your heart especially the sad ones, it kills your happiness. Start listening to how your heart feels, think positive. When you start to understand more about yourself, you're able to build inner self-confidence, love yourself more, that will brings you to success.  

Optimistic thinking brings optimistic results! I'm a really negative person to be honest, you can see it through my tweets in my Twitter.  

But it do takes time to train our brain to be positive especially in this society, everyone is just about fame, hot bodies, big boobs and all sort. But have you ever wondered, a girl with a plum shape body size, smaller boobs or even down syndrome can be as beautiful too? I'm born with a birth mark on my right eye, because of the society, those hurtful words had killed my confidence A LOT, so I made a decision to get a laser. After getting it, did it made me feel much more confident? YES. If it makes you feel confident, just do that you like, like getting braces, putting on make up.. it's totally fine! Now you have positive thoughts about yourself, you feel great, confidence is building up. Whenever you start having negative thoughts again, immediately think about those positive thoughts, like looking yourself through a mirror and tell yourself that you're pretty! If you're reading this now, let me tell you one thing, YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL IN EVERY WAY! 

Whenever you're kind to others and yourself, you'll start to notice there's a additional confidence in yourself. There's nothing better than helping others. If you don't have the money to help the poor, you can always lend your ears to your friends to listen to their problems, it helps them a lot. Besides that, maybe you can volunteer to a animal shelter or even paying coffee bill of someone queuing behind you, there's a million of things to be kind. 

Saturday, December 26, 2015



chic and classy baby
white on white with the fun of stripes, giving a pop of pattern happening, drawing attention to your wonderful legs ;

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Oriental Red

Dress : China 

There's something inexpressible about the Oriental fashion which enhance the body curves. And no other type of clothing can show this effect better than the cheongsam which have wonderful bold prints, smooth silk, and body-hugging fit. 
The Chinese dress ( cheongsam ) has a inspiring history, with its origin in the 1920's Shanghai.
 I styled this dress with just a braided updo, and a simple around 4inch heels. It reminds me of more of the 80's or 90's look? * if i'm not mistaken with the centuries * I kept this look simple with a hint of elegance. 
 How would you style your cheongsam?

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Shirt Dress

Shirt Dress

Hi guys! We're few days closer to Friday! c: 
One of my favourite summer dresses is a shirt dress, I've seen it wearing on celebrities, models and so on. It's so effortless, looks casual yet chic! 
Are you ready for daily positive challenges again?
Here's today's challenge,
Create some decorations for your room by hand * you'll be satisfied after seeing the outcome ;) * 
Try to remember a time when you might have hurt someone, go apologize for your actions! 

Monday, August 10, 2015

Sunny Tuesday

Sunny Tuesday

Sunny Tuesday? 
Bring out your shades and colourful dresses out to cheers for the survival from Monday! Get yourself some positive vibes c:
Tuesday Challenge :
Buy your friends / the other half / family some sweet treats
 Get yourself a cup of your favourite drink to keep yourself satisfied and motivated whole day! 

Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Playsuit

The Playsuit

It's time for outfit ideas again!
I would wear playsuits for Monday to make my day easier and less hectic c: Playsuit is like the best outfit when you can't think of anything to wear, you can either choose to go bold with prints and colour, or just be casual by wearing simple colours. Pair up with a simple Birkenstock or sandals, giving your feet a break! 

Saturday, August 8, 2015

The Hungry Hog, SS15, Subang Jaya

* non-halal

I've heard so many good reviews about The Hungry Hog, finally I'm here to check it out from my food list!

p.c. to Mr. Google c:

The Hungry Hog serves fusion pork-y dishes, but the difference here is everything is made with love aka home made! It's simple and honest with their ingredients. 

   I've arrived there around 0100p.m., it was slightly packed, I guess it's because of weekend, most parents are free to bring their children out for lunch and enjoy the wonderful weekend before Monday Blue hits again. 

  The restaurant's decorations were quite simple, a room full of pigs * oinks , predominantly white in colour, mmhmm simplicity c:

for full menu, you may visit their website for it! 

   I had a hard time choosing what to eat omg, everything in the menu picks up my curiosity and taste buds, made me feel like trying everything. After 5 minutes of thinking, finally I've ordered my food. There's 4 of us, we're all sharing for 2 dishes, so that there's room for dessert * winks * 

Bacon Gelato ; RM 9.90
The staff told us that this gelato contains bacon bits and it was drizzled with honey. As you all know, I'm a person that likes to try strange food combinations, this gelato is smart enough to pick up my curiosity. In the end, it was somehow quite disappointing, the bacon bits were dry, tasted like burnt bacon. Sadly not something that I'm going to have again. 

Lemonade ; RM 5.90

The Full English ; RM 26.90 ( Mix Sausage )
It's always the best feeling if a restaurant serves breakfast-all-day c:
There's 2 sunny side up with runny yolks, few streaks of bacons, bread with butter, baked beans, grilled tomatoes, sauté mushrooms, cheese sausage and Italian fennel sausage. 
 Especially the sausages, OMG. One of the sausage tasted like pork lard, are you serious PORK LARD, can you imagine how gourmet is it! 

Roti Babi Telur ; RM 20.90
I was attracted to the name at that time HAHA
It contains of honey glazed bacon, chickpea stew, sunny side up and roti canai.
It's like eating roti canai in a tomato stew, but after bit bites, it suddenly changes and tasted like dhal curry, super mind blowing, but it does taste scrumptious ! I don't know whether is it because of the chickpeas, but WORTH THE TRY! 

The Hungry Hog
71, Jalan SS 15/4C,
47500 Subang Jaya, 
Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel No : +6012 - 225 0877
Email : thehungryhog@gmail.com
Opens daily, except Monday
12pm to 2.30pm
6.00pm to 10.00pm

Monday, June 15, 2015

Tuesday Pastel

Tuesday Pastel

Why not try out something colourful on Tuesday?
After all those boring Monday, finally we can proceed to the next day, looking forward to have a nice day c:
A pastel pencil skirt will make you look cheeky and yet formal enough to go college or even a meeting. Always carry a sunglasses with you to protect your eyes from the ultraviolet ray mmhmm ;)

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Monday Blues

I've been working on a new series, which is the outfit planning for everyday!
Hope you like it! Feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you think about it c:

Monday Blues

After a long night out on Sunday, I bet you wanna wear something comfy yet casual enough to go out to have a brunch or even attending class in college. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Chocolate Passion, Gurney Paragon Mall, Penang

My family and I visited Penang few days ago for a short trip. 
I've always wanted to visit this shop in order to get my chocolate craving fixed, finally!
Chocolate Passion is a place for your chocolate indulge place. It's located at Gurney Paragon Mall, Level 6 overlooking the seafront of Gurney. It's not located inside the mall, but you will recognize the cafe from its tall glass windows.

We went there in the morning, around 11am, we're the only customer at that time haha, not bad
 * smirks *

 Once you enter the glass door, you will be greeted by a wonderful windowed fridge which full of chocolate truffles and pralines. It's so attractive, but I didn't get to try :c Someday, when I'm back for another trip to Penang, I'm gonna try! 

All you need to do now is, find a empty table, place your orders at the counter and wait for your food to arrive c:

Instagram : @mandychang_
This is how I look while waiting for my chocolate to arrive, hmp. 
Thoughts in my brain " Where's my chocolate, give me my chocolate! " 

* drum rolls * 
The famous, Chocolate Bomb!
before the chocolate sauce come pouring in.

after it poured in.
Chocolate Bomb, RM 18.50
- The chocolate ball is served with cubes of strawberries and kiwis, and also some biscuit crumbles. A hot glass of chocolate sauce will be given to poured on to the chocolate ball, as it slowly melts the surface of the chocolate ball, you will see a hidden gem in it, which is a vanilla ice cream hoho. It's quite fun and satisfying for us, c:

Chocolate Passion
Lot l6.01, Level 6, Gurney Paragon Mall,
Jalan Kelawai, 10250, Georgetown,
+604 - 218 9215
Monday - Sunday ( Daily )
10:00am - 10:30pm

Thursday, May 21, 2015


Sorry that I have to neglect my blog for so long due to exams :( 
It's been a hectic month for me, busy with midterms exam, but no worries I'm fine, I survived week 2! One more week to go then I'm done with it hehe! 

Will be back next week! I have a lot of post to write about, please do stay tune for it ☺️ everything will be back in normal next week, thank you for your patience! 

Monday, March 30, 2015

What Did I Ate during Weekend #1

Hi peeps,
just so you're curious about how much or what i eat during the weekend, here's a blog post about it!
It might gonna keep goes on this topic every Monday, so stay tune!

28.03.2015, Saturday
First of all, I normally will have my daily cup of Milo made by my dearest mom hehe, before I go to school or cheer practice.

After practice,
I knew there was a flea market going on that day, so I asked my mom to bring me there!
I had my brunch at Kissaten, Jaya One.
I've ordered a pasta set which comes with complimentary green tea, simple salad and a bowl of mushroom soup.

So not appetising at all haha, the mushroom soup was quite salty though.

Mushroom Tamago Onsen Pasta
Overall not bad, just that it's not satisfying me enough :( 

After that, we went home. 
Did nothing much haha, slacking in my bedroom, bed calling me to be there, enjoying the feeling of peace. 
Tonight's dinner * drumrollllllllll * 
KOREAN BBQ!  But in the Chang's style c:

I ate lots of : 
- chicken breast
- turkey bacon
- mushrooms
- pork slices 
The next day..
29.03.2015, Sunday
Had breakfast at home because I was too lazy to go out to have breakfast with my parents haha, do you girls / guys do that too? 
I normally love waking up early to prepare breakfast for myself, especially waking up earlier gives me advantages, that is.... I GET TO WATCH TV ALONE HAHAH
Okay okay, back to my breakfast,  
I had a bowl of cornflakes with chia seeds and milk, and also mangos c:

After I had my healthy breakfast, 
I continue to rest and slouch on my couch hah until 1130am,
only I start leaving for my usual Sunday cheer practice until 0330pm.
After I got home, I bath and do stuffs that I need to do.

Until 0600pm, I dressed up and ready to go out to have dinner with my family. 
Parents planned to go for buffet dinner at Sunway Hotel, who knows, the reception told us that buffet only available during Friday and Saturday, lol okay.
Then we went in to Sunway Pyramid to search for restaurant. 
Zen ( renovation ) - Bubba Gump ( full house ) -  Ole Ole Bali !
Finally, we settled down and have our dinner at there.

Lemongrass Mojito
* thumbs up ! *

Fried Chicken Sandwich
To be very honest, I've not been eating fried stuffs for such a long time, finally a super duper yolo meal! Love love love love love love this sandwich a lot! Crispy on the outside, tender in the inside damn, if you'd give me another plate of this, I swear I still wanna eat it! 
* thumbs up! *

After dinner, we went shopping a while, wait it's WINDOW SHOPPING.
We've got tired haha, went into Caffe Bene to have rest and enjoy some bingsu!
My sister and I ordered the Green Tea Bingsu ( single sized ) to share, yums yums, and mom ordered a hot milk.

That's all for the weekend foods, hope you enjoy reading it!
Here's also a video for those who are not feeling to read, hope the video is great enough * fingers crossed *

Have a great day ahead ! xx

Friday, March 27, 2015

Lo Faro Caffe, Happy Garden

There was a night, I had my Physic and Chemistry tuition until 1030pm.
My mother and sister came to picked me up after tuition, we came across a newly cafe near that area, we wanted to try it out for a long time, finally we're here!

It is a casual dining cafe with a quite relaxing environment. They operate as a coffee shop right now, but soon they will be opening another restaurant upstairs as a fine dining restaurant!
Here are the foods and beverages we've ordered :

Macchiato Latte
Tasted not that bad, strong brew of coffee, not as sweet as the usual macchiato.
It kept me AWAKE until 3am omg haha, if you're planning to stay up late to burn the midnight oil, go ahead and have this * smirk * 
But please don't, it will only slowers down your brain function. 


Only You Lemon
Basically, it's like a warm lemonade, based on what my mom said haha. 

To be honest, this is the first brownie that I've ever ate that are not that sweet. 
It is moist, has a  lovely texture. Not bad!

Butter Bread Pudding
I didn't like it very much, their custard pudding has a quite strong of eggy taste which I dislike. 
In my opinion, I felt that Cold Storage's bread pudding tasted better than this.

Chicken  Pie ( Large )
I'm gonna say this with a very honest heart, I don't want to give fake reviews to my lovely readers. 
This is the worse chicken pie I've ever had, the chicken filling tasted like it was made with some store bought chicken broth which has a very strong chicken smell and taste. 
Was really disappointed with their pie :(

Will I come back?

La Faro Caffe
No. 16 & 18, Medan Ramah, Taman Gembira.
10am - 11pm

Sunday, January 11, 2015

#11_15' ; Sunday Roast

" Sunday roast dinner. 
First roast of the year, one pan roasted chicken with rosemary and potatoes. " 
Instagram : @mandychang_

I've always wanted to roast a chicken for dinner, finally, I can check it off from my bucket list! 
This roast chicken was inspired by a Youtube cooking channel,  Laura in the Kitchen. Lots of love for her recipe and video, never fails to make my stomach grumble every night. 
I followed her recipe step by step, video down below :

Her recipes can be get from here too, if you're lazy to go to her blog to search up the recipe.

Serves 4 to 6 

For the Chicken:
1 6lb / 3kg While Chicken, washed and patted dry
2 cloves of Garlic, finely minced
2 tbsp of Fresh Rosemary, finely minced
3 tbsp of Unsalted Butter ( room temperature )
Salt and Pepper, to taste
1 Whole Head of Garlic, cut in half
1 Lemon, halved
1 Large Yellow Onion, slicked into thick slices

For the Potatoes :
4 Large Potatoes, washed, dried and cut into large chunks
10 cloves of Garlic, unpeeled
2 tbsp of Fresh Rosemary, stripped off the stem
Salt and Pepper, to taste
About 2 tbsp of Olive Oil


1. Preheat the oven to 425degrees.

2. Drizzle some olive oil in a large roasting dish and add the potatoes, whole garlic cloves, rosemary, salt and pepper, and drizzle a bit more olive oil, toss everything together and push this mixture to the sides of the pan leaving an opening in the center for the chicken.

3. Arrange your onion slices in the middle opening of the roasting dish in one layer and set aside.

4. In a small bowl, mix together the butter, fresh chopped rosemary, garlic, salt and pepper. Place 3/4 of this mixture under the skin of the chicken right between the breast and skin, massage it to smear under it as evenly as possible. Place the remaining mixture on top of the chicken smearing it evenly as well. Stuff the inside cavity with your whole lemon, the whole clove of garlic and few spring of rosemary and tie the legs together * opps I missed this step *

5. Place the chicken in the roasting dish on top of the onion slices, tuck the wings under and sprinkle some salt and pepper evenly over the top.

6. Bake for about 1hour and 40minutes or until the internal temperature reaches 170degrees. Remove it from the oven and cover it with some aluminium foil for about 15minutes before carving.

-------------------------------------------------Recipe by Laura Vitale---------------------------------------------

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

#7 _ 15' ; Fairy Wings

" your wings already exist, all you have to do is fly ; "
Instagram : @mandychang_
Went to IKEA with the family last Sunday, mmm. IKEA sure is a fun place to go, get to see all the beautiful furnitures, utensils, and more!
With the wings on me, in all of sudden, I felt like i'm one of the Victoria Secret's Angels hahaha omg * dreaming * Always dreamed of someday having hot sexy body like theirs, walking down the runway with gorgeous lingeries. But nah, I don't think it going to happen in my life.
How awesome will it be if there's wing grown on my back. Imagine, I don't have to drive, I just fly! Travelling around the world without paying any air tickets, ugh so good. 

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