Saturday, August 16, 2014

July Haul |

Urgh, finally get to go for shopping and buy somethings.
Ps, I bought everything myself and did not get any sponsors. 

Went to Betong, Thailand last month, get to buy a pair of pants and a bag. 

Pink Straw Bag 
It's made in man hands and not from factory.
It catches my heart when I first saw it aha, I don't know I just felt that I need a pop of colour in my outfits and closet.
Bali-ish Pants 

Before going to Thailand, I did some shopping with my mom and friends too heheh! 

White Sleeveless Crop Top 
Can you believe I bought this top for RM 8 in freaking Zara!? 

Fernanda Flats 
Jelly Bunny 
Since my pair of F21 flats is getting looser and looser, so why not buy a new pair of flats for 50% ? :p 

Coconut Passion 
vanilla & coconut
Victoria's Secret 
This scent is sooooo soooooo soooo good ! 
You know that scent that you always walk pass Roxy's store? It is exactly that scent omg! 

It's from an insta shop, but I can't remember it huhu. 
It's not what I expected it to be, I thought the bump with be transparent hmm, but it's okay! ^_^ 

Blue Sleeveless Polo Top
Bought this for 50% off too hehehe, why not?

Black Strap Crop Top

Bodycon Skirts
3 for RM 70, this shop's skirt, is the only shop that sells bodycon skirts that fits me so so so so well, gah love them! 

Brandy Melville inspired Caged Bralet 
It's from my instashop, feel free to come and have a look! 
This is so good to pair it up with backless dress mm mm

Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Library Coffee Bar, Sunway Pyramid

Morning peeps!
Mom asked me to have breakfast with her before her badminton competition starts, and she had to fetch my brother to Sunway Pyramid anyway, so why not go there to have breakfast with her before starting my day.

Before reaching Sunway Pyramid, my mom and I scratching our heads to think what to have for breakfast, until we discovered this new coffee bar.

A new coffee place to relax in Sunway Pyramid! YAY! A new place for me and my boyfriend or friends or family to hang out heh!

The Library Coffee Bar in Sunway Pyramid has a wonderfully relaxed set up while being photogenic at the same time. It has great attraction to detail, very cosy and calm.

Credits : The Library Coffee Bar's Facebook Page

At The Library Coffee Bar, they only use 100% ORGANIC COFFEE BEANS. This means no pesticides or other chemically-based solutions are used at all stages of coffee production. The Library Cofee Bar is not your typical and ordinary coffee place, a place that you won't regret to visit!  

Mocha Latte 

White Chocolate Latte, RM 12.90

Big Breakfast, RM 12.50
The coleslaw is great, sausages, ham, scrambled eggs, waffles urgh basically everything! But if only the waffles are warmer, it will be even better! 

I've been craving savoury waffles for so long omg. Do you know bacon + waffles + maple syrup + sunny side up actually goes well together? hehehe. But what's even better than this! 

Grilled Chicken Waffles, RM 17.90
Damn, this is the best savoury waffles i've ever had! 
The chicken was tender, egg yolk was runny enough, wedges were crunchy omg... ( * o * ) 
Everything went to well together, mmm mmmm mmmmmmm! 

Ratings :  9/10
Services were good. Will come back to visit again! 

The Library Coffee Bar, Sunway Pyramid 
Lot G1.41, Sunway Pyramid, 
Bandar Sunway, 
No 3 Jalan PJS 11/15, 
46150, Petaling Jaya. 
+603 5612 8612

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