Monday, June 24, 2013

Houndstooth aka Dogtooth

Houndstooth set ||

Urgh, iPhone camera quality sucks, especially during night. * sobs * 
An  ootd for a wedding dinner of my ex-tuition teacher I recently attended, congrats ! 
Print on print is always a fun combination to try out, always leave your comfort zone, to try new things out. It's go bold or go home when it comes to prints. Casual black and white pieces it's  not boring, it can be fun with prints, cuts, patterns and etc. It can go on and on, if you're willing to give it a shot and experiment. 
 How cute is my houndstooth set? As soon as I laid eyes on these incredible houndstooth set, I told myself that I had to have them! 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

15 Facts about Me ||

1. Have craving for different kind of food everyday * food *
2. Always think that the weather changes because of my mood.

3. I used to drink baby bottle from ages of 0 - 7 * blushing *

4. Do not give up easily for the things I want and I care about.
5. I play blaskshot hahaha, but still noob in it.
6. When I feel comfortable around you, you will probably think I am a complete weirdo, a super hyper girl.
7. Has two sides to our personality going from a serious type to an extremely childlike playfulness.
8. I can appear quite shy when I first meet people, but very quickly warm up. 
9. During childhood, I used to think that i'm a bunny. Always hop up and down holding a carrot, and starting to eat like a bunny. 
10. In love with my boyfriend * aww *
11. Always have the urge to play bungy jumping, but never have the guts. 
12. The smell of bell peppers...makes me want to throw up....yucks. 
13. I'm addicted to pretty cakes, cupcakes, cakepops... anything pretty hahah ! * Wondermilk's and Cupcake Chic's * 
14. I sing all the time when i'm alone, but would never properly sing in front of anyone. 
15.  I can't get enough of shoes, clothes :( 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday ||

Gosh, I needed to eat some greens. Usually when holiday starts, I lose all ability to eat healthy and I just go with what's-around-when-i'm-starving or whatever-people-suggest. Fine, I love trying new places anyway.

If there's Juice Works nearby my area or maybe add in juice delivery to their offering, I'd buy stock as I know I would double my monthly bill. I mean, how awesome would it be it for Starbucks to offer delivery! I would die! I do however wish I could customize my juice.

Every girl or maybe some guy, no matter HOW skinny or toned, can still find something they don't love about their body, etc. Think eating healthy is difficult? It sucks? No time to work out? Then you certainly wont change with that mindset. If you can change your mindset about it, you can change your experience of it. Stop complaining and start taking moves.

A lot of people don't realize how much what they eat affects their body. Working out is great, but so much of toned body has to do with food too! Well, I still eat quite a lot of junk food :(... currently obsessed with Lays chips, damn.

But if you choose to sacrifice something like your favourite ice cream, for a healthier body, that is your choice to sacrifice what you really want. Or make a change, get frozen yogurt instead of ice cream? Drink water instead of carbonated canned drinks? It's depends on yourself.

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