Sunday, May 29, 2011

First Day of Holiday! :D

Don't make decisions when you're angry.
Don't make promises when you're happy.

Woke up at 11am.
Woaahh. Long time din't woke up so late already. :D

After waking up. went to toilet. then on laptop :D
went to Cafe de Sky Garden to eat my breakfast a.k.a lunch x)
ate many things there.
p/s: i wont be fat :D

went to Titiwangsa to accompany my mom collect money.
while my mom was collecting money, i'm in the car.
i had nothing to do. so i play in the car x)
too hyper. open the music loudtothemax.
then not becareful too hyper. my leg knocked the sunroof cover.
the whole thing spoiled ):
after my mom knew. she keep scold and scold.
say i so naive D:
went back home.
my dad knew. he din't scold me O.O
but he wants me to pay him RM200 for the reparing fees D:
* cash cash flying away ): *

online. online. online.
so damn boring.

Kristi called me :D You're my hero! :D
Kristi :Hey Mandy, where are you now?
Mandy : Hi Kristi, at home lorh. 
Kristi :Hahas. Guess who I saw. x)
Mandy : Hmmm..Don't know.
Kristi :I saw CL at my studio. :DD * hyper-ing *
Mandy :Yeerrr...he at there for?
Kristi :He's learning something at here.
Mandy :Learn what orh?
Kristi :Don't tell you! :P
Mandy :So bad larh you. Your studio there can learn what de orh?
Kristi :Can learn ballet, guitar, piano and others. 
Mandy :Owhh..
Kristi :Oh yarh. Mandy remember help me find the charger arh.
Mandy :Yes. 
Kristi : Okay larh. Byes. :D
Mandy : Byes. :D

went to bath for dinner later.
wear-ed a "I Love My Boyfriend" T-shirt and a mini skirt.
after dinner.
went to Empire, Subang.
mommy bought me a white- T from Dorothy Perkins. S size :D
thanks mommy! :D

after shopping. went back home.
continue online again x)

till here,
byes. :D

pleasedon'tbreakpromises. :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hot Air Balloon Charity, Padang Timur :D

It's a wonderful day to have a hot air balloon charity at Padang Timur.

This morning about 6.20am.
Melanie called me. That time I was still asleep .___.
OhMyGawd. My alarm din'nt rang.
After Melanie called me.
Faster rush to the toilet.
After bathing.brushing teeth. washing face.
rush back to my room to get changed.
i'm wearing a white tee gave from my lovely friends and a shorts.
After get changed, went to eat my breakfast.

After eating breakfast.
Melanie called me said that she's coming.
Then I was like OhMyGawd O.O
She reached my house gate.
Get out from my house. Went in to her mom's car. Said Hi.Smiled :D
Then went to fetch Karen. I laughed for about 30seconds while reached Karen's house gate.
Awwwhhsss.. That's cute for her.
Karen came in the car. Said Hi. Good Morning.
Then we start moving to our destination!

we went to Mel's mom Face To Face for taking the goodie bags for the charity.
There are 100 goodie bags. O.O
After "unload" the goodie bags to Mel's mom car.
Only we start moving to our destination :D

After reaching our destination.
We went down.
Suddenly Mel slipped.
Although she slipped, she still can smile.
She said she din't slipped like this before. LMAO.

Afterthat, Mel's mom drove her car into the padang.
but not really in the padang. It's just beside it.
Then we "unload" the goodie bags to the table.
Later on,
Mel's mom asked us to cut the tickets for Fancy Hat Walk at i-City.

After cutting.
We went to give the Fancy Hat Walk's leaflet to the visitors.
It's fun. :D
While giving the leaflet. Kristi called me.
She said she's coming :D

While Kristi reached,
she helped us too.
We sell ice cream and mineral water.
Let's see some pictures :D
Here goes our footprints :D
Credits to Karen :D
Credits to Kristi :D

After the charity,
we started to clear up the rubbish and our things.
While me and Karen was taking the mineral water to the one of the charity member's car.
i saw a cute teddy bear.
the member gave it to me :D
Thanks for the teddy :D

Later on,
we went to MamaMia eat our lunch.
We ordered 4plate different kinds of food. and we shared.
After eating,
we chit chat-ed. 
Kristi need to go.
She's going for ballet.
Sooner or later.
It's our time to say goodbye.
Mel's mom fetched us back.
Bye for now :D

All For One. One For All. :D

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