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Hong Kong Bound

I've just got back from Hong Kong not long ago. The weather there was super duper hot.  Well, actually nothing much about the trip, did a lot of shopping, attended my cousin's wedding. 
Here's one of my outfits during the trip. 
Been loving the straight leg jeans + bandeau top trend lately.  never knew i would fall for straight leg jeans, as you all know i'm a fan of shorts
Top // night market  Jeans // Topshop  Sunglasses // Topman Bag // Kanken Shoe // Adidas
The revolution of the crop top trend continues -- the bandeau. 
Besides wearing bandeau top / tube top with a pair of straight leg jeans, there's a lot of ways to pair with it:  1. layer it  2. pair with a high-waisted shorts or skirt  3. sweat pants 

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