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Say Goodbye to Self-Doubts | MOTIVATION MONDAY

We're all humans. Self-doubt wouldn't be an exclusion in life.

Anxiety, constant worry and stress about the future, lack of self-confidence, ungratefulness, and a wholesome of unhappiness, called self-doubt.

Teeny tiny little things that can cause destruction in life, success, relationships, and creativity.
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Well, it actually took me quite some time to write this post, mainly because it's hard for me to express how I was feeling and why. For the past few months, I've been going through ups and downs, bumps along the way. People tend to pull me down as I move on. 
I'm that kind of person that constantly cares for what people think about me in terms of how the way I look, how the way I dress and much more. When you tend to be better, others will start mutter words about you especially with "you've changed", "you're longer the person I know from before"...

It's been a tough time for me, I don't know what exactly brought…

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