Sunday, December 18, 2011

Restaurant Cafe de Sky Garden, Taman Petaling Utama :)

As a Buddhist,
there's certain festivals that we are required to have vegetarian meals.
This vegetarian cuisine restaurant, actually taste good.
My dad don't really like to eat vegetarian food, but this restaurant made him changed his mind.

Only natural ingredients are used for the vegetarian creations with most of the ingredients imported from Germany and herbs brought in from Italy.

Environment of the restaurant felt very English. The posh decoration attracts people to hold event there, such as wedding dinner, company dinner, birthday party, full moon celebration and etc.
Their food variety ranges from Asian noodles and rice, western food and even Italian food. They serve pastry, cakes, pasta, rice, warmer and others in vegetarians style. And their cake is eggless. I was shocked when my mom told me. I was thinking how they made the cake without using egg and dairy .

And, it's a nice place for a cup of tea in the afternoon.

Germany Mousse.
This cake is awesome. It's a bit sour cause it contain lemon. I'm a sour food lover. HAHA. And, it's eggless
It's like a cheese cake. And the price is reasonable. It's nice to have a desert while having tea time or after dinner. 

White Angel.
Spaghetti with cream sauce. 
This is generally quite tasty except for the vegetarian prawns which taste slightly sourish. 
If you don't like spaghetti, you can change it to Penne. 

Thai Vegetarian Satay.
This is a Thai vegetarian stay with their special home-made mint sauce.
It taste awesome. I din't know mint sauce can be serve with satay. 
This is worth to try. 
It's a nice appetizer right before your dinner or lunch. 

Crispy Fisini. 
This is a huge vegetarian fish burger. 
This potion is suitable for 2 to 3person. 
This huge fish burger didn't use any burger bun but their home-made foccacia bread, topped with a big piece of vegetarian fish patty with lots of vegetables and their home-made sauce. 
It's super delicious. It did taste similar to fish burger.

Restaurant name : Restaurant Cafe de Sky Garden 天之花园精进料理坊
Opening hour : 11.00am till 9.00pm ( Daily ) 
Address : No 6,8,10,12,14 & 16,
               Jalan PJS 1/31, PJS 1,
               Taman Petaling Utama,
               46150 Petaling Jaya,
               Selangor D.E.
Tel : 03 7781 0876
Fax : 03 7781 0879
Email :
Website :

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Restoran Green View, SS2

Hi peeps.
Today I went Restoran Green View, SS2 with my family for dinner.
This restoran is quite high class with good service, nice red table cloths and diners that commute with luxury cars.
Lin Dan came before this restaurant too. :)

My daddy ordered :
生虾面 King Prawn Noodle 
This noodle is the their famous dish. 
This dish is super awesome and huge king prawn. Texture of the noodle is just right. The taste of the king prawn spread over the paste and leave a distinct seafood sweetness in every bite. Each prawn is almost as big as my palm, almost a mini lobster. Haha. It's very juicy. Under the king prawn's "big head" carries alot of eggs. 
Highly recommend this dish . (Y) 

Fried Rice 
This fried rice not bad. But it's salty because of the salted fish. 
Inside the fried rice have egg, long bean, pork, ikan bilis, prawn and others. 
I don't really like this fried rice it's because it's too salty .

Restaurant name : Restoran Green View, SS2 
Address :  6 & 8,  Jalan 19/3,
                46000 Petaling Jaya,
Opening hour : 11am till 11pm .
Tel : 03 - 7958 1076

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hello December :D

So now,
it's back to December again .
Chrismas is coming, are you guys excited about it?

I'm damn excited about it,
cause I get to go carolling with my choir seniors. :D

Oh ya,
my birthday is coming soon. :3
Don't know what will I get from my friends and family.
My father already gave me a early birthday present.
He gave me a Sony VAIO.
So do my mother, she gave me a watch from Swatch.
Thanks daddy. Thanks mommy. :)

#Dear December, please make my wish come true.

Wish List :
1. Canon 600D/ 550D as my Christmas present or birthday present.
2. Blackberry Bold.
3. Polaroid.
4. Red high heels.
5. Beats Headphone.
6. Good results.
7. Yellow dress.
8. Become more flexible.
9. Travel to Korea with family.
10.  Converse school shoes.

Happy Early Merry Christmas! :D

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