Shopping Spring :D

Saturday went Bangsar Village with my lovely family.
Before going there,
we went Raju, Gasing to eat dinner with my daddy's customer.
My daddy's customer is an indian, so we need to eat indian food ._.
After eating,
we start our shopping journey. :3
Just window shopping. :\
We walked for a while,
mommy is in a good mood,
we bring us to Baskin Robbin to eat ice-cream. :D
Thanks, mommy! :D
Banana Split. 
Ice-cream flavour: Cotton Candy, Cookies and Cream and Mango Sorbet. :D

After eating,
we went back home.

The next day, means yesterday.
I went Mid Valley with my mommy.
We went in every shop. AHAHAS. First time erhh ._.
Then, we went in Speedy.
Saw Girl Generation's newest album : THE BOYS. :D
Mommy bought it for me and my sister. THANKS, MOMMY! :D 
we went to Jusco.
Mommy saw a purple sports skirt for badminton, she loves it.
So, I buy it for my mommy as her birthday present.
It cost me RM109.90. .__.
After buying it,
we continue walk walk walk.
Then, mommy suddenly feel like eating ice-cream,
so we went to Baskin Robbin again,
me and mommy shared a ice-cream.
Cotton Candy flavour. :D
Then then,
we went in Miss T.
Saw a bag,
and I love it so much.
I told mommy I want it,
then mommy bought it for me.
Weeeeeeee. THANKS, MOMMY. :D 
After buying,
we went in Papa beard to eat cream puffs.
Got new flavour erhh,
STRAWBERRY flavour. :D
Quite nice erhhh. Nyom~Nyom~ :3

The next day, means, today. :D
My family and I went TimeSquare.
When we reached there,
we went to eat Papa John.
Their food quite nice erhh. :3
All cheese. 
Cheesy Simple. :3
After eating,
we start shopping. :D
My mommy saw a dress quite nice and vintage and cute.
Actually she wanna buy for me, but my sister suddenly wanna go toilet,
din't get a chance to buy it. :\
That dress cost RM15 ONLY erhh. ._.
After TimeSquare,
time to go home.

After that,
went to 好好火锅 ( Restaurant Ho Ho Steamboat ) for dinner with my family and relatives.
Eat eat eat, talk talk talk.
After eating,
we went for yamcha. AHAHAS.
We went D' Curry Leaf.
Service quite good.
Brother. :P

Sister. :P

Mandy. That's me! :P
After yamcha,
then it's time to go home.

Till here then,


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