Monday, June 27, 2011

Mel's Belated Birthday Party :)

It's a awesome day to help Melanie celebrate her belated birthday. :)

Woke up at 9am. *yawning* :)
Then went to bath.
Changed clothes.
Then online. x)
After online-ing.
Mel's mom coming.
Went out to wait for her mom.
Mel's mom say she's hungry.
So, we went to Old Town's "Sun Lei" eat.
Kena marah by her mom because of...

Later on,
we went to Mel's mom shop. FACE TO FACE :D
Helped her mom count something like ticket for the Fancy Hat Walk Charity that just past.
After counting.
Ordered drinks. (;
Karen and I ordered 3 Layer Milk Tea with Weatgrass. :D

Mel odered a drink too.
But i've no idea what is it. .__.
Mel. Karen.
Karen's stirring the drink. (;
Mel. LOL.
LOL. TzeNing.
Tze Ning. Mandy. (;

If you want to see more photos,

After that,
we went to Baskin Robbins to help Mel celebrate.
Mel choosed Chocolate Mint Ice-cream Cake. :D
It's a suppalicious cake. :D
Mel with the cake. (;
Mel's wishing (;
Mel's blowing (;
Mel's cutting (;

After cutting, it's time to take "Family Tree" photo. x)

Thanks the uncle for helping us take photo. (;
Mint Chocolate ice-cream flavour. :D

After eating, it's picture time again. (;
Mel's leg. AHAHAS.

 Karen's licking Mel's face. AHAHAS.
 Epic again. LOL.
Karen's nose and lip. AHAHAS.

Happy Birthday to You :D
For more photos,

After eating,
time to go One Utama.
During in car. 
Took many picture also. x)
Leng larh. Leng larh.
Effect from TzeNing's comb and their hand. LOL.
Karen's mouth like octopus. :PP
Since when Mel started "fathao" ? :PP
Epic. Nerd glass. :P

We watched SUPER 8 (;
Rating: 7/10

In the summer of 1979, a group of friends in a small Ohio town witness a catastrophic train crash while making a super 8 movie and soon suspect that it was not an accident. Shortly after, unusual disappearances and inexplicable events begin to take place in town, and the local Deputy tries to uncover the truth - something more terrifying than any of them could have imagined.

Actually, this movie not really nice. 
After watching movie,
went back home. 

Till here then,
Stay tuned. (;

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Saturday :D

Nothing special happened. .__.

Today's PMO keep give seniors cakap cakap. ):
Hopeless larh me.

After PMO.
We went to eat our lunch. :D
We've planned to eat Domino's together.
But XinWei and Karen don't want.
So separate eat.
They go eat mamak.
TzeNing, Kriti, Melanie and I went to Domino's eat.
We ordered Combo Deal 1 include 2can drinks, cina sticks and aloha chicken pizza with double decker cheese. :DD
After ordering, Kristi ask me to accompany her buy Slurpee. :)
Drank some of her drinks.
After buying, went back to Domino's.
Later on, Kristi's mom came. So she got to go. ):
After 10minutes, our lunch came :D
Who knows, Melanie's mom came.
So, she took some pizzas, cina sticks and her coke to her car and eat. LOL.
So left me and Tze Ning only. ):

The pizza eat until feel like vomiting.
Too many cheese.
After drinking finish the coke,
Tze Ning took back to Merah's Deco.

time to go Choir :D
Practiced singing "Set Me As A Seal" and "Like-A-Humble".
"Set Me As A Seal" is better than "Like-A-Humble".
Teehees. :)
Good luck to those seniors that are going to UCSI competition :)

After choir,
Karen fetched me back home.
Then she called me.
She asked me want go shopping with her or not.
Of course I will say YES :D
Then quickly change clothes and prepare.
She reached my home.

we saw Jordan and his friends there. O.O
Karen keep running away from them. AHAHAS.
Then we continue our SHOPPING. :D
The last clothes shop we went in and we took the longest time to find clothes is KitsChen. :)
We tried on so many clothes.
Finally me and Karen had choose the right clothes.
I bought a playsuit for RM62.90 after 10% discount.
Karen bought a dress for RM71.90 after 20% discount.

After buying clothes,
we went to eat ice-cream with free toppings. :D
I choosed chocolate flavour. MYFAVFLAVOUR. <3
Karen choosed Black Sesame. :O
After eating ice-cream.
We went to Pastry Culture to buy something to eat.
Karen bought Sun Shine for RM2.90.

I bought Peach Hokkaido Puff for only RM3.80.
Yummy! :D 
cream cream cream.
imma cream lover too. :D
This puff got another flavour too. Blueberry flavour.
I don't have the chance to taste it because it's out of stalk. ):
After buying,
Karen's father coming to fetch us.
So we went to Starbucks to wait her father.
Took some piccha. :)
Karen with her "Sun Shine" bread. :D

This is the without-edit-me. :D

Few minutes later,
Karen's father reached.
After 15minutes, reached home.
My mommy quickly ask to me bath.
Because we're going MidValley. :)

Stop till here.
Bye. :D
Stay tuned.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Editing :D

Karen's back from her trip to Taiping :D

Helped her edit her photo. ;)
Picnik edition. ;)
BeFunky edition ;)

The Picnik edition nicer ;)
After that,
is Karen's time to help me edit.
Picnik's edition ;)

Whole body black x)
Thanks Karen.

Had fun in Taiping?
When school re-open,
remember to tell me the trip ;)

Short post for today again ,
Byes :3

Sunday, June 5, 2011

New hair style :D

Heyy :D
I've cut my fringe x)

Ignore the blurrish.
Because I use webcam to take it x)

I look weird with this fringe .
This is my first time cutting fringe .
My sister teman-ed me cut too.
She look like Japanese Doll O.O
My sister. Perasan -.-

Today's post damn short x)
Bye for now. :D

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Chen Moh 0206 and 0306 :D

02062011 :D
It's today!
Today Kristi and her brother is coming to my home.
Then i need to wake up early D:
I woke up at 7am. she arrived at 8am.
After she arrived, it's my time to change clothes.
After changing, my mom brought Kristi, her brother and me go to eat breakfast before going Chen Moh.
We went to Su Qian's dad shop to enjoy our breakfast :D
My mom sit with her friends. While Kristi, her brother and i sit the same table right beside them.
We ordered two glass of ice lemon tea and a glass of milo ice.For food we ordered noodle soup and fry kuey teow.
Food came, tummy humble-ing x)
After 15minutes, we haven eat finish. My mom say she go back first, later only come and fetch us back.
Then after 30minutes, we're done drinking and eating. We can't wait for my mom to fetch so we walked back our own.
It's fun walking back home :D
It takes about 10minutes to walk back home.

Reached home. Open laptop.
Helped Kristi to create Mixpod for her blog :D
Then. It's time to go Chen Moh.
Reached Chen Moh at 10.35am. It's so early.
First we went to canteen. I forgotten where did I put my bottle D:
So went to buy water, luckily the canteen is open.
My bought-it-in-canteen bottle. :)

Later on, we felt boring so we went to walk around the school.
Walked back to my secret and magical place :D
Then, we went to 活动中心 to see those 布告栏.
Saw IngHao, Justin, Ming Hui and my sister photo. LOLs.
Justin look like a nerd while wearing specs.
But I din't took the photo, the photo at Kristi's Aino.
Then we walked back to Canteen again.
We played my Nikon :D
Her brother eating Tuna sandwich.
Smile Kristi :D
Helping Kristi take photo with my Nikon via her Aino.
Kristi's baby picture in her Aino :D
Kristi's phone and her blottle. And my camera case.
3K's recess table.
Kristi's hugging her brother. damn sweeet x)
Talking secrets -.-
Aaron Kwan.
The view outside the canteen.

we wanted to go toilet at Block C.
misschenmohtothemax D:
We passed by a 布告板 full of Program Peningkatan UPSR's pictures.
Can't believe it's still there.

6Ks :D

Then, we go in to the toilet.
Me. Kristi.

we went to 康乐中心.
When did it change so dirty?

XinWei called me, she say she's coming now.
After 45minutes, i think .__.
She reached Chen Moh.
She played with my Nikon while Kristi's playing with her iPhone.
XinWei took those pictures :
Doggie. :D
Leaf :)
Go green! Save the Earth!
Beautiful sky :)

we played jumpshots.
But XinWei deleted those photos D:
Then we played with her necklace . x)
Photographed by me :D
Love this picture because of the background word: E.T. :D
You're so hypnotizing,
Could you be the devil,
Could you be an angel.

Then we went back to the corridor beside the hall.
And took this photos.
SRJK(c)ChenMoh, P.J.
Walking back to Kristi :)

Then, LyeKay reached too.
We chatted.
Then everyone reached. The principal asked us to go in the meeting room. O.O
Then we started to meeting. Discussed about the station games.After discuss, is time to prepare the things.
The strings to play 串绳子 :D

So rajin huh. :)

After prepare, time to clean up and take a break :D
Ate cakes for the break.
Then, my mom reached. fetched Kristi and her brother back.

0306 :D
Today is so damn fun and tired.
But now i lazy to write the whole story x)
I'm here just to say.
6N. Be manners a bit. We're your seniors not your maid.

Till here then.
Byes. :)
Happy Holidays! ;D

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