Monday, March 30, 2015

What Did I Ate during Weekend #1

Hi peeps,
just so you're curious about how much or what i eat during the weekend, here's a blog post about it!
It might gonna keep goes on this topic every Monday, so stay tune!

28.03.2015, Saturday
First of all, I normally will have my daily cup of Milo made by my dearest mom hehe, before I go to school or cheer practice.

After practice,
I knew there was a flea market going on that day, so I asked my mom to bring me there!
I had my brunch at Kissaten, Jaya One.
I've ordered a pasta set which comes with complimentary green tea, simple salad and a bowl of mushroom soup.

So not appetising at all haha, the mushroom soup was quite salty though.

Mushroom Tamago Onsen Pasta
Overall not bad, just that it's not satisfying me enough :( 

After that, we went home. 
Did nothing much haha, slacking in my bedroom, bed calling me to be there, enjoying the feeling of peace. 
Tonight's dinner * drumrollllllllll * 
KOREAN BBQ!  But in the Chang's style c:

I ate lots of : 
- chicken breast
- turkey bacon
- mushrooms
- pork slices 
The next day..
29.03.2015, Sunday
Had breakfast at home because I was too lazy to go out to have breakfast with my parents haha, do you girls / guys do that too? 
I normally love waking up early to prepare breakfast for myself, especially waking up earlier gives me advantages, that is.... I GET TO WATCH TV ALONE HAHAH
Okay okay, back to my breakfast,  
I had a bowl of cornflakes with chia seeds and milk, and also mangos c:

After I had my healthy breakfast, 
I continue to rest and slouch on my couch hah until 1130am,
only I start leaving for my usual Sunday cheer practice until 0330pm.
After I got home, I bath and do stuffs that I need to do.

Until 0600pm, I dressed up and ready to go out to have dinner with my family. 
Parents planned to go for buffet dinner at Sunway Hotel, who knows, the reception told us that buffet only available during Friday and Saturday, lol okay.
Then we went in to Sunway Pyramid to search for restaurant. 
Zen ( renovation ) - Bubba Gump ( full house ) -  Ole Ole Bali !
Finally, we settled down and have our dinner at there.

Lemongrass Mojito
* thumbs up ! *

Fried Chicken Sandwich
To be very honest, I've not been eating fried stuffs for such a long time, finally a super duper yolo meal! Love love love love love love this sandwich a lot! Crispy on the outside, tender in the inside damn, if you'd give me another plate of this, I swear I still wanna eat it! 
* thumbs up! *

After dinner, we went shopping a while, wait it's WINDOW SHOPPING.
We've got tired haha, went into Caffe Bene to have rest and enjoy some bingsu!
My sister and I ordered the Green Tea Bingsu ( single sized ) to share, yums yums, and mom ordered a hot milk.

That's all for the weekend foods, hope you enjoy reading it!
Here's also a video for those who are not feeling to read, hope the video is great enough * fingers crossed *

Have a great day ahead ! xx

Friday, March 27, 2015

Lo Faro Caffe, Happy Garden

There was a night, I had my Physic and Chemistry tuition until 1030pm.
My mother and sister came to picked me up after tuition, we came across a newly cafe near that area, we wanted to try it out for a long time, finally we're here!

It is a casual dining cafe with a quite relaxing environment. They operate as a coffee shop right now, but soon they will be opening another restaurant upstairs as a fine dining restaurant!
Here are the foods and beverages we've ordered :

Macchiato Latte
Tasted not that bad, strong brew of coffee, not as sweet as the usual macchiato.
It kept me AWAKE until 3am omg haha, if you're planning to stay up late to burn the midnight oil, go ahead and have this * smirk * 
But please don't, it will only slowers down your brain function. 


Only You Lemon
Basically, it's like a warm lemonade, based on what my mom said haha. 

To be honest, this is the first brownie that I've ever ate that are not that sweet. 
It is moist, has a  lovely texture. Not bad!

Butter Bread Pudding
I didn't like it very much, their custard pudding has a quite strong of eggy taste which I dislike. 
In my opinion, I felt that Cold Storage's bread pudding tasted better than this.

Chicken  Pie ( Large )
I'm gonna say this with a very honest heart, I don't want to give fake reviews to my lovely readers. 
This is the worse chicken pie I've ever had, the chicken filling tasted like it was made with some store bought chicken broth which has a very strong chicken smell and taste. 
Was really disappointed with their pie :(

Will I come back?

La Faro Caffe
No. 16 & 18, Medan Ramah, Taman Gembira.
10am - 11pm

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