Saturday, April 23, 2011

Good Friday :D

It's really a Good Friday!

Went back to Chen Moh :D

Damn miss Chen Moh D:

Before going Chen Moh. 
i woke up at 9am.
brush my teeth. bath. change clothes. tie hair.
and IM DONE!
while im dressing myself. Kristi missed call me. 
i called her back. she asked me where am i.
then she say she's at Chen Moh preparing to go back.

after preparing.
my turn to go Chen Moh!
XinWei already at there waiting for me. 
we went back to our old 5K class.

Alot of memories in there.
i remember-ed last time's teacher's day.children's day. meaningfull D:

we went down to the auditorium.
we found back our 2010's Graduation photos D:
I cried alot in 2010's graduation ceremony D:

Why the auditotium is nicer than last time. ):
Why don't re-do the auditorium since we're still in Chen Moh ):
so damn admire 2011's standard one.

Later on,
went to 康乐中心.
we met Kristi there.
After taking photo's of Kristi.
we went to the white board of rules in 康乐中心!
took photo with it.
Take good care of it yarrhh! :D

After taking that photo.
XinWei got to go. left me alone ):
so I went up to 4C----My brother class.
then. passed by 6N for my sixth times. LMAO

After taking my sis and bro's report card.
we went to Cafe de Sky Garden to enjoy our lunch :D
After eating.
went back home.

Stop at here.
Buh-Byes :D

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

a awesome Sunday :D

I've been waited so long since you told me that you can attend Farisha's Birthday Party at Sunway Pyramid :D

I woke up at 9am.
Used 15minutes to bath. 30minutes to choose my outfit and tie my hair.
After i've done everything. Farisha still haven bath. .___.
So i need to wait...
i waited her for one hour only she came to fetch me.

she came to fetch me.
when i just step in the car..
her mom say sorry to me LOL.
then i said:"Happy Birthday worrr..." x)
Happy Birthday ya! :D

After 15minutes.
Arrived at Sunway Pyramid!
saw Alvin.
i thought your leg got sprain .___.
still can go shopping...LMAO
then we walked in.
searching for KaiLih. :D
i can't believe KaiLih is sooo tall already.
he's taller than me O.O
he's 164cm now. i'm just like 161cm?
maybe i can't any taller ):

then walk walk walk.
take photos with my new Nikon camera :D Nikon P100
Sole onto Shoes :D
Why so emo o?
Where's your 事业线? Teehee..
Birthday Girl and Me! :D
Birthday girl and my Bibi :D

After that,
Farisha and KaiLig felt hungry.
so they went eat McDonald.
KaiLih ate Filet O'Fish.
Farisha ate chicken nugget.
me? drink coke only.

After eating.
Karen say she reached :D
Farisha is so excited LOL
after 10minutes.
Karen reached McDonald.
Farisha ran after her and hug her.
Karen took that :D

After that, 
we went to FullHouse :D
wasting Farisha's money x)

After eating,
we went to Cotton On.
Farisha wanna buy bag. so me and Karen went to take some specs for pic-cha time :D
After taking pic-cha.
while Farisha's paying her bag's bill.
i saw a scarf that matches KaiLih's shirt.
i wrapped over his neck :D
got feel warm a bit or not? xD

After buying da' bag. went to F.O.S
KaiLih: you want to try on this?
Farisha: Issshhh! That's so ugly! Take it away! 
Hahas. :D

After buying.
i love you Farisha for helping! :D
wanna know why? come and ask me :D

After watching movie.
went to eat green tea ice cream :D

After eating.
walk a while.
it's time to go back.
KaiLih went back early than us.
After 30minutes.
our turn to go back ):

PS:KaiLih!Please delete that video arrr. TQ :D

At last.
Happy Birthday Farisha! 

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