Noob Specs :D

Mii at Fullhouse, Sunway Giza with Noob Specs :D

Holidays is over.
What's next?
Need to face the exam's results ):
I'm gonna be crazy for my results .___.
No As for me.
Just B or C or FAIL for me ):

Oh ya,
today's Jessie's birthday!
Happy Birthday ya Jessie!
You're always my BuzBuz :D

                                                  Our sweet memories at FullHouse :D

Hey babe, you look cute in it :D

You're thirteen now.
So fast..
Old one year already xD
When is our next gathering?
Very miss you lerh..):
Next time go gaigai again yarh...:D

Bye from now.
Happy Birthday Jessie! :D


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