Holidays! :D

BFFs Life(:

美图拍拍-ing with Kristi(:

Long time din'nt update my blog.
Sorry bloggie.

These days kinda busy about EXAMs!
While finish exams. Everything is back to normal. (:
But we still need to go school for activities.

Congratulations to XinWei.Karen.Me(:
We've been chosen to go for competition with our lovely seniors! (:
Gambateh yarr! :D
Tuesday need to go school for choir's activity.
We'll be joining seniors for pratice our competition's song.
From 9am till 3pm.
6hours practice. OMG.
But it's okay. Cause WE LOVE SINGING! :D

Karen's birthday party coming.
Wish this time  I really can get in the pool. Don't wanna like last time Kristi's House Gathering and XinWei's birthday party. I wanna get wet in the pool. But please don't push me in. :)
Karen, what you want for your Sweet Thirteen Birthday present? Converse Pencil Case?

This Saturday is our beloved 6K's Gathering.
That day gonna clash with PMO ):
Nevermind. Im gonna PONTENG PMO FOR ONE DAY!
Shhhh...Don't let my senior know i'm going to ponteng. If not sure die-die.

Bye for now.
Pray for those Japanese.(:


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