Born This Way :D

I'm beautiful in my way, 
'Cause God makes no mistakes 
I'm on the right track, baby 
I was born this way

Today's choir practice is AWESOME :D
We learned Tequila Samba.

7.30am already awake.
Need to get up from bed early just for breakfast and choir's practice with our lovely and friendly seniors. :D

But just give my love a sip of Tequila,
Play the chords and she will reveal 
a spirit dancing joyously for the sky,
Doo doo doo doo

While practising singing this song,
teacher asked us to dance ballroom dance while singing,
just to improve our rhythm feels.
It's FUN dancing while singing :D
Teacher said maybe next week he'll teach us some moves while we sing.
This called SHOW CHOIR! :D

Reminder to Karen.XinWei:
Thrusday Choir practice at 9.00am till 2.30pm. :D

Tomorrow gonna be a boring day ):
Wish can go out for shopping :D
If tomorrow really can go for shopping.
I plan to go find Karen's birthday present.
Don't know what she wants ._____.

Facebook is going me crazy ._.
It's damn lag!
It takes me 15minute for signing in Facebook ):
Is Facebook closing today? o.o

OhMyGawd! This is damn yeng!
Canon in D on cellphones. OhMyGawd!!!! :D
Im in love in Canon in D!  (:
I do wish I can get a Canon EOS :D

Today's post is just so random :D
Bye for now.
I'll will be updating my next post when Saturday. i think so ._____.
Pray for Japan<3


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