Things You Should Do Once You Wake Up

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Many of us have some bad habits when it comes to the first thing we do once we're awake.
Here are some tips on healthier habits that we all should try to adapt in order to have a greater kickstart to our mornings!

1. Leave your phone alone.
instead of reaching to your phones first thing in the morning to check out what you've missed while you're asleep. You should take your time to brush your teeth or even make your bed, or even do something wonderful like giving your mom/dad a morning kiss to give them and yourself a great positive start! 

2. Stretch! 

it sounds simple, but from stretching can help to give a morning call to your muscles after a long sleep. a light stretch gets the blood going, relieves tension and also improves your flexibility.

3. Hydrate H2O

after brushing my teeth in the morning, i will always drink a cup of warm/cold water, it helps to flush out toxins from your body and also improves metabolism for the day ahead! 

mandy xx 


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