Restoran Green View, SS2

Hi peeps.
Today I went Restoran Green View, SS2 with my family for dinner.
This restoran is quite high class with good service, nice red table cloths and diners that commute with luxury cars.
Lin Dan came before this restaurant too. :)

My daddy ordered :
生虾面 King Prawn Noodle 
This noodle is the their famous dish. 
This dish is super awesome and huge king prawn. Texture of the noodle is just right. The taste of the king prawn spread over the paste and leave a distinct seafood sweetness in every bite. Each prawn is almost as big as my palm, almost a mini lobster. Haha. It's very juicy. Under the king prawn's "big head" carries alot of eggs. 
Highly recommend this dish . (Y) 

Fried Rice 
This fried rice not bad. But it's salty because of the salted fish. 
Inside the fried rice have egg, long bean, pork, ikan bilis, prawn and others. 
I don't really like this fried rice it's because it's too salty .

Restaurant name : Restoran Green View, SS2 
Address :  6 & 8,  Jalan 19/3,
                46000 Petaling Jaya,
Opening hour : 11am till 11pm .
Tel : 03 - 7958 1076


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