Hello December :D

So now,
it's back to December again .
Chrismas is coming, are you guys excited about it?

I'm damn excited about it,
cause I get to go carolling with my choir seniors. :D

Oh ya,
my birthday is coming soon. :3
Don't know what will I get from my friends and family.
My father already gave me a early birthday present.
He gave me a Sony VAIO.
So do my mother, she gave me a watch from Swatch.
Thanks daddy. Thanks mommy. :)

#Dear December, please make my wish come true.

Wish List :
1. Canon 600D/ 550D as my Christmas present or birthday present.
2. Blackberry Bold.
3. Polaroid.
4. Red high heels.
5. Beats Headphone.
6. Good results.
7. Yellow dress.
8. Become more flexible.
9. Travel to Korea with family.
10.  Converse school shoes.

Happy Early Merry Christmas! :D


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