First Day of Holiday! :D

Don't make decisions when you're angry.
Don't make promises when you're happy.

Woke up at 11am.
Woaahh. Long time din't woke up so late already. :D

After waking up. went to toilet. then on laptop :D
went to Cafe de Sky Garden to eat my breakfast a.k.a lunch x)
ate many things there.
p/s: i wont be fat :D

went to Titiwangsa to accompany my mom collect money.
while my mom was collecting money, i'm in the car.
i had nothing to do. so i play in the car x)
too hyper. open the music loudtothemax.
then not becareful too hyper. my leg knocked the sunroof cover.
the whole thing spoiled ):
after my mom knew. she keep scold and scold.
say i so naive D:
went back home.
my dad knew. he din't scold me O.O
but he wants me to pay him RM200 for the reparing fees D:
* cash cash flying away ): *

online. online. online.
so damn boring.

Kristi called me :D You're my hero! :D
Kristi :Hey Mandy, where are you now?
Mandy : Hi Kristi, at home lorh. 
Kristi :Hahas. Guess who I saw. x)
Mandy : Hmmm..Don't know.
Kristi :I saw CL at my studio. :DD * hyper-ing *
Mandy :Yeerrr...he at there for?
Kristi :He's learning something at here.
Mandy :Learn what orh?
Kristi :Don't tell you! :P
Mandy :So bad larh you. Your studio there can learn what de orh?
Kristi :Can learn ballet, guitar, piano and others. 
Mandy :Owhh..
Kristi :Oh yarh. Mandy remember help me find the charger arh.
Mandy :Yes. 
Kristi : Okay larh. Byes. :D
Mandy : Byes. :D

went to bath for dinner later.
wear-ed a "I Love My Boyfriend" T-shirt and a mini skirt.
after dinner.
went to Empire, Subang.
mommy bought me a white- T from Dorothy Perkins. S size :D
thanks mommy! :D

after shopping. went back home.
continue online again x)

till here,
byes. :D

pleasedon'tbreakpromises. :)


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