a awesome Sunday :D

I've been waited so long since you told me that you can attend Farisha's Birthday Party at Sunway Pyramid :D

I woke up at 9am.
Used 15minutes to bath. 30minutes to choose my outfit and tie my hair.
After i've done everything. Farisha still haven bath. .___.
So i need to wait...
i waited her for one hour only she came to fetch me.

she came to fetch me.
when i just step in the car..
her mom say sorry to me LOL.
then i said:"Happy Birthday worrr..." x)
Happy Birthday ya! :D

After 15minutes.
Arrived at Sunway Pyramid!
saw Alvin.
i thought your leg got sprain .___.
still can go shopping...LMAO
then we walked in.
searching for KaiLih. :D
i can't believe KaiLih is sooo tall already.
he's taller than me O.O
he's 164cm now. i'm just like 161cm?
maybe i can't any taller ):

then walk walk walk.
take photos with my new Nikon camera :D Nikon P100
Sole onto Shoes :D
Why so emo o?
Where's your 事业线? Teehee..
Birthday Girl and Me! :D
Birthday girl and my Bibi :D

After that,
Farisha and KaiLig felt hungry.
so they went eat McDonald.
KaiLih ate Filet O'Fish.
Farisha ate chicken nugget.
me? drink coke only.

After eating.
Karen say she reached :D
Farisha is so excited LOL
after 10minutes.
Karen reached McDonald.
Farisha ran after her and hug her.
Karen took that :D

After that, 
we went to FullHouse :D
wasting Farisha's money x)

After eating,
we went to Cotton On.
Farisha wanna buy bag. so me and Karen went to take some specs for pic-cha time :D
After taking pic-cha.
while Farisha's paying her bag's bill.
i saw a scarf that matches KaiLih's shirt.
i wrapped over his neck :D
got feel warm a bit or not? xD

After buying da' bag. went to F.O.S
KaiLih: Maam..do you want to try on this?
Farisha: Issshhh! That's so ugly! Take it away! 
Hahas. :D

After buying.
i love you Farisha for helping! :D
wanna know why? come and ask me :D

After watching movie.
went to eat green tea ice cream :D

After eating.
walk a while.
it's time to go back.
KaiLih went back early than us.
After 30minutes.
our turn to go back ):

PS:KaiLih!Please delete that video arrr. TQ :D

At last.
Happy Birthday Farisha! 


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