Build A More Confident You

Confidence provides the motivation for us to pursue our dream, passions. Although we may lack in some areas, but then our strength will still shine in others. It's a complete normal for us to go through periods in life where we will discouraged, exactly like a plastic bag drifting through the wind. My cheer coach always tell us to be confident in order to be a successful person, confident is the key to the door that you wanna open. Confident won't come naturally, or maybe some people are born with confidence,  but all you gotta do is to built it, work towards it and improve each day. To be very honest, I'm not a confident girl at all, but because of the society, in order to survive, I have to be confident, showing out my true self and be confident! Always remember, it's a process that takes time. 
" Being glamorous is about strength and confidence. It's black and white dramatic. You have to be strong. "  -  Catherine Zeta-Jones 


Not just any goals, but tiny, achievable goals. We often easily discouraged when we fail. So, set a goal that you're likely to achieve, so when we accomplished it, we feel good. For example, eat healthy for a week, skip sugary food for a day (?) A small and realistic goal will drive you to the success. Besides that, you can do it like me, get a small notebook from Daiso or any book will do, write down your daily goals to achieve and tick it off after achieving it, it will make you feel damn good * smirk * 


Choose a task that you've been procrastinating and delaying for long. This can be related to anything, like exercising, reading a book, or even try new recipes that you've wanting to try out so badly. Whenever it's possible, try to finish it before the day ends. 

We're always learning new things about ourselves everyday. In order to know about yourself more, you can start a journal, write about how you feel, whether you will happy or sad, write it all out, and stop keeping it in your heart especially the sad ones, it kills your happiness. Start listening to how your heart feels, think positive. When you start to understand more about yourself, you're able to build inner self-confidence, love yourself more, that will brings you to success.  

Optimistic thinking brings optimistic results! I'm a really negative person to be honest, you can see it through my tweets in my Twitter.  

But it do takes time to train our brain to be positive especially in this society, everyone is just about fame, hot bodies, big boobs and all sort. But have you ever wondered, a girl with a plum shape body size, smaller boobs or even down syndrome can be as beautiful too? I'm born with a birth mark on my right eye, because of the society, those hurtful words had killed my confidence A LOT, so I made a decision to get a laser. After getting it, did it made me feel much more confident? YES. If it makes you feel confident, just do that you like, like getting braces, putting on make up.. it's totally fine! Now you have positive thoughts about yourself, you feel great, confidence is building up. Whenever you start having negative thoughts again, immediately think about those positive thoughts, like looking yourself through a mirror and tell yourself that you're pretty! If you're reading this now, let me tell you one thing, YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL IN EVERY WAY! 

Whenever you're kind to others and yourself, you'll start to notice there's a additional confidence in yourself. There's nothing better than helping others. If you don't have the money to help the poor, you can always lend your ears to your friends to listen to their problems, it helps them a lot. Besides that, maybe you can volunteer to a animal shelter or even paying coffee bill of someone queuing behind you, there's a million of things to be kind. 


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