The Owls Cafe, Bukit Jalil

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I've been wanting to try this cafe for ages, finally i'm here ! 
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 The environment there is so warm and fuzzy, mmm, nice place to have coffee and plates of waffle to share with your soul mate, friends and family. It just gave me a kind of homey feeling, makes me wanna stay here forever, smelling the warm scent of coffee brewing. 

Overview photo of what i've ordered hehehe c:

Rose Latte ; RM 10.00
It tasted not bad for me, as I love love love floral infused drinks, except lavender * nightmare *
It's pleasantly comfort, the rose aroma is not that strong. You get to taste the scent of rose and bitterness of the coffee at the same time.

Mocha ; RM 8.00

The Classic ; RM 10.00
You can never go wrong with the classic maple syrup and butter waffle.
Everything back to basic, no toppings, no ice cream, just plain old butter and maple syrup, somehow that's how we love it. * fuzzy feeling * 
It is crispy at the outside, soft and fluffy inside, it totally can win A&W's waffle.

The Rebecca ; RM 18.00
Rebecca waffle is filled with lots of love. Generous amount of strawberries, blueberries, bananas and topped with Earl Grey ice cream, garnished with almond flakes. Beautiful combination, omg, cannot resist. Even now I'm looking at this picture, writing about it, my tummy kept on grumbling :'( 
It seriously tasted so damn good! Especially the Earl Grey ice cream, urgh cannot resist, if only they sell the ice cream it own, I'll definately buy it ever single day! 

** Waffles are available only from 12.00pm till 05.00pm ! So plan your visit to avoid disappointments heheh, don't miss out the scrumptious waffles! 

The Owls Cafe
Jalan Jalil Jaya 6, 
Bukit Jalil, 
57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Contact: +603 - 9543 9828

10.00am - 07.00pm ( closed on Mondays ) 

Instagram : @theowlscafe


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