{ Banana Cake }

Don't know what to have tea time and don't wanna buy it from the bakery or the mall?
Why not bake some fresh and sweet banana cake 
This is seriously the besttttt banana cake i've ever taste in my life, i'm not bragging. It's healthy, fresh, no preservations, even better than my school canteen's hah.

Let's start with ingredients :

^ and 200g of sour cream *  forgotten to take picture of the sour cream i've used 

1. Cut the butter in to little cubes, and the butter should be in room temperature.
2. Add in the butter into a large bowl and get it whisk until soft. You can either use a stand mixer / hand mixer or even by a whisk, but I chose to whisk it using a stand mixer.
3. Add in sugars and whisk it together until light and fluffy.
4. While it's mixing, grate some orange zest and add in with the butter and sugar.
5. Mix it with a medium speed * if you're using stand / hand mixer.
6. Until if gets thick and creamy, you can add in your eggs, one egg at a time.
7. After it's fully combined, mash up the bananas, and add in to your batter together with the sour cream.
8. Mix in up.
9. Sift in the flour and mix it well.
10. Pour it in to your loaf pan or whatever you would like to use. I'm using a glass baking tray.
11. Bake it in the oven with 170`c about 60minutes.
12. Cool it in a wire rack and it's ready to be serve.

bon appétit 


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