H.O.T Teppanyaki Restaurant, Old Town

Just got back from cheer practice.
My mom didn't prepare lunch for us, so she ask us to try out the new teppanyaki restaurant nearby, so me and my sister walk there together as you guys know my house is just nearby there.
Took about 5-10mins walking there.

I didn't manage to take photo of the shop's name cause I'm in a hurry, sorry.
We reached the restaurant around 1.10pm, the restaurant is not crowded yet.

There's only four chefs cooking, customers sit around the iron plate and get to enjoy watching them preparing the food. Food aside, this has got to be the attraction of teppanyaki.
After placing your order, a piece of aluminium foil will be placed in front of you to put the meat and vegetables. Vegetable will be served first, then followed by the bean sprouts and meat.

Soup of the day and a bowl of rice is included in the set. 
Soup : I think it's kinda tasteless, it taste like salt + vegetable + chicken broth 
Rice : For my opinion, the rice is quite hard and dry, I prefer like those Japanese rice that are much more softer and moist. 

Grilled Chicken Meat - RM 7.00
It taste like our Chinese's Char Siew, but it's in chicken meat and not pork. 
The meat is tender and soft
( Must Try !

Garlic Mushroom Set - RM 13.80
It has different kind of mushroom, including bolete mushroom, oyster mushrooms and etc. 
The mushrooms absorbs the flavour of the garlic, it taste like fried mushrooms with garlic butter. 

Chicken Chop Set - RM 13.80
This is real good, damn. 
It's tender and bite sized chicken chunks with amazing flavour.
I don't know what type of sauce they used to cook but it certainly wasn't something normal. 
It smells good with black pepper and goes very well with rice. 
( Must Try !

H.O.T Teppanyaki Restaurant 
( beside Secret Recipe ) 
No. 106, Jalan 1/14
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.


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