Paradise Dynasty, Paradigm Mall ❥

Hello peeps! ♥
Short update here. :)
     Paradise Dynasty is now opening at Paradigm Mall. It's a casual dining concept that dishes up an affordable selection of Northern and Southern Chinese cuisine that includes a star list of 8unique flavoured Xiao Long Baos.

     Now we do not need to travel a long down to Singapore just to enjoy the delicious savory Xiao Long Bao. Paradise Dynasty is well located and place is simply beautiful designed with a Buddha statue, it's indeed simply cozy as well.

     The main reason I come here it's just because of this:
     Signature Dynasty Xiao Long Bao ♥

This Xiao Long Bao is indeed simply special where it comes with eight different steamed dumpling which is different coloured skin and different flavoured soup stuffed within
     The ratio of the skin, soup and meat was perfect. The skin is not too think and not too thin, the soup is sweet and the meat taste so good that was carefully curated. 

1. Original ( White ) ; Where it is really filling with the pork in the soup brooth. 
2. Ginseng ( Green ) ; Pork, herbal and ginseng filling. 
3. Foie Gras ( Brown ) ; A luxury dim sum which is well made and the taste is simply good too. 
4. Truffle ( Black ) ; A nice and plush aroma with the delighting taste of truffle in it.
5. Cheese ( Yellow ) ; Cheese flavour brooth. 
6. Crab Roe ( Orange ) ; This is really delicious. The taste is been infused well with the pork and the delicate and luxury taste of the crab roe. 
7. Garlic ( Grey ) ; It's simply fragrant and it has the slight garlic taste. 
8. Sze Chuan ( Red ) ; It is a place which come with a slight spicy and a touch of chilli oil and Sze Chuan Peppercorn. 

Price : RM23.80 

Go have a try and feel free to comment what you think about it. ♥

Restaurant :
 Paradise Dynasty
Address :
Lot 1F-15, 
Paradigm Shopping Mall, 
No.1, Jalan SS7/26A, 
47301 Kelana Jaya,
Petaling Jaya.
Business Hours :
11am till 10pm ( Daily )
Tel. :
03 7887 5022


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