The Sweetest Thing : Macaroons ♥

Hey peeps ! :)
It's almost that time of the year again : Valentine's Day

Some guys are having break ups before Valentine's Day. Break ups were never easy right? People have different ways to go through the heartache like cutting their hairs to get the instant change, make themselves busy as they could for not letting them think about him/her. Sometimes, a break up can inspire the change you need to find a new adventure ! For me, this usually means food-searching.

Life is full of surprises, we never know what moments will inspire us in the new chapter of our life. There's a sane that, we must move on for the past and order to fully appreciate the new beginnings. Starting over can be hard, but change in life is only possible when we no longer stand still. Change is sweet, it can inspire us to try new things, especially moving on for something. I believe everything happens for a reason. Good and bad, don't cry because of it's over, smile because it happen.

Anyhow, when things gets low, macaroons are the way to go.
I've heard of how Empire Shopping Gallery has become the place for desserts, which is true, considering the amount of eateries here that specialised in sweets and pretty pastries.

And I decided to check out The Vanilla Place.

The first impression that you would get when you get here is that.... the array of macaroons are so colourful. It probably costs a bomb ! But don't worry, read on and you'll find that the prices are actually quite alright. :)

Macaroons are the craze these days. And The Vanilla Place offers the options of cute, pocket - friendly one at a mere RM1.50

Or for a better - sized bite, the RM2.50 ones are value for money. 

Or even the big ones like these are priced at only RM 4.50

Will I come back visit? YES

The Vanilla Place
FK01, 1st Floor, Empire Shopping Gallery, 
Selangor, Malaysia. 


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