Tanjung Sepat + Cheamie's Birthday :D♥

Today went Tanjung Sepat with my family.

Before going,
packed my things, etc : Sunblock, Sunglasses, Nikon, Water, Phone and others.
After packing,
we start our journey to Tanjung Sepat. :D

After 2hours,
we reached Sepang.
My mom say want to go in the Sepang Gold Coast to have a look.
So we went to Sepang Gold Coast.
It's a resort on the beach.
My mom say stay there one night for RM1000++ .
OMFG. One night for RM1000++ ._.
There's alot of sunshine. :D
BEACHES, iloveyou. :D
Nelson. Joey. Mandy 
Do . Re. Mi

Mommy and Daddy 

Mommy. Mandy. Joey. Nelson 
we walk to the Sepang Gold Coast's beach.
Beach, i love you. :P 

Joey's jumping skills. 
ahahas. :P

we went to Tanjung Sepat's most popular pau shop : Hai Yew Heng (海友兴).
Ate peanut pau, pork pau and kaya pau. Not really nice actually. x)
After eating pau,
went to it's pau making " factory ".
Damn many fly erhh ._.
we went to coffee making " factory " : Gu Xiang Wei (古香味) beside the pau making " factory ".
My mom bought a pack of coffee powder just roasted. :3
I like the boss. x) Her service attitude damn good. I love her smile while introducing their coffee to my mom. 

we went to Passion Fruit's Garden.
Bought a packet of passion fruit for RM10.
I'm going to make passion fruit ice-cream. x)
we went to Lover's bridge.
The smell's horrible there while passing the bridge. 
Fun taking photos there. :D 

Live with the sunshine. 
Fathao. :PP

The view of Lover's bridge. 
So romantic, 
wish you're beside me. 
At Lover's bridge. 

Going to suicide. x)

A nice place for photo shooting. 

it's time to go back home. 

Happy 13th Birthday to my little darling, Cheamie. :D 
Happy Birthday Cheamie. :D 

We're crazy in our way. :D 
Together forver, never apart. :D 
We're in BIEBER FEVER. :D 

Old one year d erhh.
Anyways, Happy Sweet 13th Birthday. :D 
I'll give you your present as soon as possible. :) 


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