Bon Odori :D

Before going Bon Odori.
Went to PMO.

While 合奏-ing.
I feel like die-ing.
Went out gave seniors scold. D:
"就算PMO要留你,我也不要留你!" this sentence made me cry. D':
feel so stress.

stop stop stop.
don't talk about PMO first. :PP

Afterthat, went to reading corner to meet Karen.
Hou Yao was with Karen O__O
The cute Hou Yao. x)

Karen and Jia Yi camwhoring. 

Karen . JiaYi.


After taking photos,
went to Tapak Perhimpunan to gather.
Played with Wen Hong's Canon. x)
After 30minutes,
it's time to go.
I can't believe that CHS bus worst than Chen Moh's. :O
About 45minutes later,
we arrived :D

we saw bubbles. :D
so Mel wanted to buy one for taking bubbles photos.
Leng larkk. :)
Profile pic this. :D
For more bubbles photos, click THIS :D
So many people there :O
The first food we bought from there is ice-creams.
1 for RM6
so, we bought 3 to share.
Milk's flavour. Greentea + Red Bean. Vanilla + Chocolate.
Milk's flavour and greentea + red bean is AWESOME. :D

So 贪吃. :PP
This guy is so "hot" :PP
 After eating ice-creams.
We went to buy something eat.
I forgotten what is it called d. D:
Yummy :D
Sharing is caring :PP
"This japanese chicken satay sucks. D: "
Big mouth.:PP

Jiayi :D
After eating that,
continue walking.
OhMyGawddd! Saw a pair of babies. :D
Ask for their parent's permission to take photos of them.
Their parents agreed. :D
Look! How chubby they are. :DD

we bought handrolls :D
1 softshell crab handroll and 2 unagi handrolls.
Look like eating raw fish. x)
Mandy :)
My softshell crab in Mel's mouth. D:
Karen's eating her sandwich. 
Feeding her. x)

After eating that,
took some photos then battery dead. D:

Skip skip skip .
A family photo with those two cuties.
Thanks Wen Hong's Canon and the uncle. :D

Then we started to dance like crazy. 
It's fun. :DD
After dancing, walking.
It's time to go. D:

Stop here.
Buais-buais. :D
Stay tuned. 


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