Delicious @ One Utama

Yesterday went to One Utama de Delicious eat Tea Time Set with my family and cousins.

About 9.45am i woke up d.After brushing teeth and others. I felt hungry. But nothing for me to eat. =(
I wait until 1.20pm onlyn my mom called me to change clothes. Course we going to One Utama =). Before going One Utama. YanLeng,Tze Ning and I confrence call. After YanLeng got to go. We added Farisha in to the confrence call. We played BINGO. TzeNing keep BINGO =(. I din BINGO before leh..Bad Luck =(.

After playing 3rounds of BINGO. My turn to say ByeBye d. Going to One Utama. My cousin followed my mom came to my grandma house. So we brought him to One Utama also. We gaigai for a while course still need to wait until 3pm for the tea time set =).

After 20minutes we reached One Utama. NO PARKING!!! =( We searched for parking about 30minutes only found a parking. So many people go there gaigai. Shopping until half. I saw a new Monopoly. I wanna buy it but my mom dont give =(. Then, my sis wanna buy shoe. Course her shoes torn d. I cant stand my sis. She so month change two shoes. My vincci shoes wear already about 8months d leh. My vincci shoes bought when Karen,JiHuey and I shopping =). The shoes so got 纪念价值 xD.

After my sis buying shoes. 3pm reach d..My favourite time!!!
We went in Delicious. =)
My mom odered tea time set. My bro and cousin odered pasta.
My drinks so damn nice!!! Ice Chocolate with Vanilla Ice Cream. =) But i din took photo..Sorry. Next time ba =) We still need to wait my another cousin. My drinks came d=) My first taste with that drink. Im in love with it d..=) Then, the waiter asked me to go the counter there to choose cake. My sis choosed the caramel cheese cake. I choosed the cappucino tart. But the waiter said just can choose one. So me and my sis One Two Juice lo...She win =( But the cake quite tasty de. =)

After 10minutes my cousin arrived and the Tea Time Set too =)
Our Tea Time Set =)
First layer.
Caramel Cheese Cake. Chocolate Strawberry. Chocolate.
Second layer.
Butter and Jam Cake. Cookies.
Third layer.
Smoke Salmon Sandwich. Cucumber Sandwich. Butter Sandwich. Baked Chicken Tart. Another kind of sandwich with 鱼子酱.

After few minutes,my bro and cousin de pasta came d..Their pasta are delicious too =)
Everything are delicious at Delicious =)
After eating. Time to say ByeBye d lu...

Waiting for Tuesday =)


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